JAANKEE has been awarded through the Korea-themed Artwear at the Concept Korea when he was a student.

He, whose Artwear reflected a historical existence, a existing culture and fashion trends,

founded JAANKEE and constantly studies in order to harmonize a commercial value with an artistic potential to his fashion.

The way he approaches the design is to visualize elements he gets inspired and to create patterns by cutting and combination.

His works are based on a harmony among a balance of shape, texture, and a feeling of weight.

He usually gets inspired by historical facts, cultures, 20's behaviors,

and these elements have been represented through the style, image, video, music and some key words he suggested.

All he designed contain, meanings and inspirations and it shows Jaankee's rules and exquisiteness.

These attributes deliver the energy such as youth, challenge, and revolution.

JAANKEE will explore a variety of culture and historical events continuously to develop Jaankee's own world by analyze present and future.